Thursday, March 17, 2011

What is YOURS?

Part of Speech: noun
Definition: goal
Synonyms: ambition, aspiration, design, desire, flight of fancy, hope, notion, pipe dream, wish...

Today I sit here in absolute quiet... well not "absolute" quiet because I am sitting outside. So I am just ignoring the annoying dog that barks frequently. Sitting in the warmth of the sun and southern breeze... I will stop bragging about the amazing weather here in NC. I got the blessing of breaking out of the "everyday norm" today. I am one baby down (not mine, the little guy I take care of) so I am home with just my two guys. We went and ate lunch at the girls school and NOW instead of trying to get all my house work done during naps, I decided to sit and blog my thoughts.

I have had soooooooo much going on in my mind. It is crazy and at times feels like I might explode while the chaos of being a mommy to 4 and caretaker to 1 happens all around me. So I started to jot down my blog thoughts whenever one comes to mind. Because these thoughts tend to come when all of my extremities are being used for something. Actually sitting down with my laptop for extended periods of time is not a luxury I have.

So here is one thought...

Going back to the word "DREAM"... I love the words that were given as the synonyms: ambition, aspiration, design, desire, flight of fancy, hope, notion, pipe dream, wish... Those words have been such a distraction in my train of thought lately. It doesn't matter what I am doing but in the back of my mind is this thought... d r e a m... How many of us actually get to live out our dreams? I mean the kind of "dream" that you would be afraid to tell someone because of the fear of being laughed at or not even receiving a response. AND I don't mean the "dreams" that you have while sleeping! As I sit here looking into the bluest sky ever... I can't help but wonder why these "dreams" enter our thoughts and even invade our hearts anyways. Are they given to us by God or just a result of our choices in life and environment? Not sure... but here is mine...

I have two dreams... aspirations... desires... and hopes... The first is to take my whole family on a missions trip every year until they graduate from high school. Yes, I know that my children are young but as I try to grapple with what is happening in this world I realize that we are given a very "short time" on this earth. I want so much more for my kids than what "society" expects of them. I want them to see people through Jesus's eyes. I want them to see that there is a HUMUNGOUS world out there that needs to experience the love of a Savior that died on a cross for ALL people. I want them to experience different cultures... and learn what it truly means to be a servant. I know that there is a lot I can do now and even in my home and neighborhood but something amazing happens to you when you are taken out of your surroundings. I don't know if this dream will ever come true... I pray that it does...

Dream number two is one that maybe I will make come true when I am older, wiser, and free of children. You know when you have something you like to do and there isn't anything else that gives you more satisfaction (besides being a wife and mom of course)???? For me I love, love, love to be in the kitchen BAKING!!!! Lately it has been so therapeutic for me. It is funny because Anthony knows I am stressed when he comes home to find some "yummy deliciousness" sitting on the counter waiting to be consumed!!! Seriously though... my dream would be to open a bakery. One that kind of functions just like the one in the movie "Stranger than Fiction". If you have seen the movie you know what I am talking about. Ahhhh... I can smell it just sitting here dreaming of it... Cakes... pies... cookies and of course the staple to any meal BREAD. Everywhere I have lived I have wished there was a bakery that baked bread and bagels all day, not just in the morning. For this mom getting to a store in the morning is a nightmare. Not even sure what I would name it yet. I hope that someday when I do make this dream come true... if you are reading this I will make something special just for you.

What is your d r e a m???

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Jessa said...

Joy, I'm so glad you are making the time to blog again! It is so wonderful to get to know you better through your thoughtful writing. I will admit - the bakery dream is a COMPLETE surprise to me! :) But I love it! I would so come and visit your bakery. I really enjoy baking also :) My problem though, is I am too likely to eat everything I bake. :)

I also would love to take my kids on mission trips each year. That would be so wonderful! I am hoping we can consider it in a few years.

Love ya, friend!