Friday, March 25, 2011

things i indulge in...

These days I am consumed 99% of the time with things that have to do with messes, very short attention spans, stopping one from seriously hurting them self, or breaking up what seems to be "the end of the world" circumstances. If you are a mother I know you can relate. BUT I have learned that I have to find simple things that make me feel better about myself and give me some kind of breather throughout my day. There are very few things that I have the luxury to indulge myself with but here are a few of them:
I am not one to buy lots of make up and hair products but I have found one that I LOVE! It makes my skin so healthy and not to mention it isn't expensive.
The company is Everday Minerals. I found it a couple of years ago on a blog that I like to read. I ordered some of their free samples and loved it! It is completely natural. Besides being a great product their website is very chic!!! They always have promos going on so you can try something for free and who doesn't love free things!
So... one of the other things I love to indulge in is coffee. I was not a coffee drinker until I married into the Schiavone family. I now find myself completely addicted and can not start my morning without the aroma it creates in my home and the simple taste (with added Creme Brulee thanks to my dear friends the Vernons). Our current favorite is Caribou Coffee. This brand is new to me since we moved south. I was given the "grind and brew" by Cuisinart last Christmas and love it. It truly has made a difference in the way the coffee is brewed! Not only is coffee fantastic... it makes conversation so much better!
If you ever wanted to make that perfect cup of coffee... Here are some suggestions from the makers of Caribou Cofee:
These simple steps will ensure that your home-brewed coffee tastes as delicious as it does when we brew it for you.
1. Start with fresh, whole Caribou Coffee beans that appeal to your unique taste buds.
Find your coffee
2. Just before brewing, grind the beans to match your type of coffeemaker.
Grind Guide
3. Use oxygen-bleached or metal coffee filters.
4. Measure out two heaping tablespoons of ground coffee for every eight ounces of water.
5. Use a coffeemaker with a slow brew time (between four and seven minutes).
Store your coffee in an airtight, opaque container, on the counter or in the cupboard. Do not store your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer, as it will take on the flavors that are present.
Never reheat your coffee. Once coffee has cooled, the chemistry has changed. Bitter oils and flavors will dominate the taste. Reheating will further break down the few aromatics left.


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Tarah said...

James LOVES Caribou. Let me know when you're planning to come north and i'll send money so you can stock him up. :)

and i might be checking out that make-up thingy (if i remember). I could use some pampering.