Tuesday, July 22, 2008

35 weeks and counting...

So the last time that I posted I think I was still in my second trimester... I can't believe how fast time has gone and I am now less than five weeks away from being a mother of three! This pregnancy has been great so far... despite some swelling and crazy movements of the baby. I have been trying to live life abundantly even though I am carrying a heavy watermelon under my shirt. Anthony and I are in week two of NTS camp up at Houghton College. Our youth group was here last week and this week Anthony is doing afternoon rec. and helping out wherever. We brought the girls this week. They are so excited to be with us. We don't usually take our kids to youth group things but felt they would love it up here. So far so good... We are on vacation next week!!!! So, we are not going anywhere but just going to chill out and spend lots of family time. Well... since the last time I posted... Cora turned six, she got a kitten, we bought a new van, I have doubled in size and Abby now has short hair! I love life!

(Pictures will come soon when I finally download them to my computer.)