Saturday, November 22, 2008

A blurb in Time!

I have been meaning to post for about two months now. Tonight I have realized that it has actually been two months. Micah is now three months old and has become the sweetest and funnest baby ever!!! I can't imagine what life was like before him!

The girls are loving their brother. I love to see them talk to him and make him smile and giggle. It is such a beautiful thing to see your children love on each other. Cora is a big first grader and Abby is loving pre-K. Abby just loves life! She embraces whatever comes her way. Cora is an amazing reader and I am enjoying her love of books.

Anthony and I are doing... well... life just gets to busy! I am turning 30 in December and am for some reason not doing so well with that! I feel like life is just going to be different... I don't know...

With that said... I am very excited for the holidays and having my girls to myself this coming week!