Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday Morning Craziness?

Are Monday mornings really that dreadful? I am always reading posts about everyone dreading Monday mornings and just hating the start of another week.

I have been learning some hard lessons in my life lately. The lesson of contentment has been a theme for my life! So instead of dreading Monday mornings in this house... I will find a way to be content in knowing that it is the beginning of another week that I get to raise four of the most amazing kids on this earth... to be married to an amazing man... and serve the most AMAZING God.

I have NOT been given this life to always look back, to always find something to complain about, to always regret little things, and to always want for something more. My life... my journey... has been given to me so that I can be what God has intended for me to be.

So for my Monday morning... it has been glorious despite starting it by changing TWO poopy diapers. The sun is shining in my windows so beautifully and 3 out of 4 of my kids are playing quietly. Despite one staying home from school with a little cold. Micah has chosen this small Bible that I have on the book shelf to have as his own. He babbles on and on about "Jesus" thinking he is reading the words. I pray that "the Word" becomes an integral part of his life every day!

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