Friday, September 29, 2006

Youth Xplosion

This past Sunday we held an area Youth Xplosion involving over 10 different churches from other denominations. There were over 350 teens there with close to 450 total! Whats even better is that 39 teens came to Christ for the first time! We had the band Me in Motion lead worship and do a concert and Tim Byrne, a professional free-style skater, gave the message. The event was held at the Jackson YMCA. Suposedly this was the biggest youth event ever held in Jackson. What a night! I am glad its over.

Its Been A While...

Well, we havent blogged in quite a while. Mainly due to laziness and busy schedules, but also because we no longer have internet at our house. So if any of you read this from time to time, which I doubt, but if you do, leave me a comment! Thanks!